i grew up a pastor's daughter in the heart of minnesota.  the second of four children, i was either trying to blend into the wall or be the center of, sometimes unwanted, attention.  my love for people and relationships drew me to achieving a degree in communication studies, with minors in leadership studies and political science.  my impatience helped me to obtain that degree in three years and my restless spirit drew me to colorado springs after college graduation, where i met and fell quickly for a handsome air force academy cadet.

and that's where the story changes.

after saying "i do" on the eve of 2010, we moved to houston, tx, where tyler was a few months into earning his master's of science in mechanical engineering.

my dreams of moving to san francisco, new york, chicago, D.C., or seattle (do i sound picky?) had changed and the thought of leading a lifestyle rivaling kate hudson in how to lose a guy in ten days or sandra bullock in the proposal are now just sheepish (yet fond) memories.

we moved from houston to north texas, where tyler attended undergraduate pilot training and was assigned to fly the iconic F-16 at the completion of the program. it was there that i obtained my teaching certificate in high school english. i was able to teach 4th graders to write better, and i fell in love with their beautiful hearts. 

training for the F-16 moved us even farther south and west, to tucson. we are surrounded by the mountains and are so thankful to be able to enjoy the beauty of the desert, even if that does mean meeting the occasional rattlesnake. we will be here for a short time and are excited to find out where the air force will move us next!

i may not be living out a hollywood romantic comedy, or changing the world one stylish business suit at a time, but i am living out my own, sometimes romantic, sometimes comedic story of love, sacrifice and service as my husband serves in the U.S. air force and fights for something much bigger than the two of us will ever be.

it's great when life works out the way you'd like it to.  in my case, it's even greater when life works out in ways i couldn't have planned better.