13 March 2009

so my roommate, ashlie, and i were watching bridget jones' diary (LOVE cable...and DVR...rewinding the funny commercials is amazing!) and ash heard some banging around outside (mind you, it just started snowing since she got home) and then we heard a car alarm go crazy so she peeked out...and didn't see anything so we opened the door and saw her car right in front with hand prints on her freshly snow-covered red we got a little freaked out...and then we saw a girl wandering across the parking we kept the door open and it sounded like she was sobbing so we kept watching and she was clearly not walking straight and then we watched her kick a she disappeared from view we could hear her kicking more cars... so we hopped in the car and circled the complex and saw her creeping next to a car and then she popped out right in front of us and flicked us off. so we called the cops...did another circle and couldn't find her and then 3 cop cars pulled in and circled the complex and then we parked and called it a night. CREEPY. don't worry, i don't wander around at night. that's enough excitement for one night. :) ps. while we were circling looking for her, we saw like 6 deer...those guys are everywhere around here--not a day goes by where i don't see a herd. weekend plans? nothing overly thrilling, but will include a 3.30AM trip to the denver airport to drop amanda off to watch her sister have a baby back home.

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