05 March 2010

What's this? another post just a day later? this will not be a regular occurrence, let me assure you. i simply documented my afternoon's activity and thought i'd share with you...after cleaning the apartment as much as i could handle, i decided to try and make homemade donuts! ready for this?

as you can see...things started out innocent enough...donut dough rolled and ready (just to let you know, i do not own a "donut cutter", nor do i know what one is. i figured it didn't reeeeally matter as long as they were somewhat circular and had a hole in the middle, right?
this is the second and successful batch of donuts. i did learn that the oil is really only good/clean for about 5-7 donuts and then it gets black and leaves icky stuff on the donut. they would look better with powdered sugar or cinnamon/sugar buuut i like my donuts plain. :)
so this is my mistake batch. the recipe said to have the oil all hot and ready (about 375 degrees, just in case i wanted to check the temp...psh...) so i thought "high" would be the correct temperature...weelllll as you can see by the CHARRED "donuts" (this happened in less than 5 seconds, i promise) that "high" is too "high"... my hands were full of dough so managing to get these out of the oil, turn the temp down, take the pan off the red burner, turn the fan on, open the balcony door, and fan the fire alarm with a pillow (whew!) was quite interesting. not all of the "mistake batch donuts" are bad, but when the oil was gone i took about ten minutes to decide whether to proceed and use the rest of the dough, or call it quits. worth it.
enjoying the donut! (donuts make me happy)...notice the open still looks like a pool hall in here (before the smoke ban)
this is what my kitchen looks like still. and this is just the counter--just imagine what the stove (and floor) look like. uff dah!

Thanks for following me on my donut journey...

Yes, it is a friday! Tyler and i are going bowling tonight with some of his friends from work...and tomorrow night we're going to do dinner and a movie!! Toodle-loo! (time to clean up and cook supper...)


Brittany said...

Looks yummy!

Unknown said...

so, I was almost brought to tears today becuase there are donuts in the break room but I can't have them. If I made my own, though, I could make them gluten free! Oh Dani, you are an inspiration

Amanda G. said...

dan! i'm so proud of your donut extravaganza. if i would have been there i'm sure i would have gobbled them all up!! :)