08 May 2010

Drumroll, pleeeease!

The post you've all been waiting for...the apartment! Now keep in mind we went from a lot of square feet to half the square feet. with only a few items in storage ("in storage" meaning at matt's house...) i would like to brag and say that it usually does look this clean... i only scrambled to make the bed because it was a busy morning... of course, there all the little bits of permanent clutter but that's merely because i lack the skills to organize. if i had access to every little rubbermaid container and shelves galore, it would be fun. but organizing out of nothing-blah. enough rambling. here it is.

the view as you walk took us awhile to figure out how to fit our few pieces of furniture into such a little space, but so far we like what we came up with...

our kitchen. we had the plaid rug at the door in the last place, but considering the door is at the kitchen, this is what we have so far. we're not ready to put it in storage but the colors and patterns really are shameful. we put our silverware in that yellow bowl simply because we have three drawers about 8 inches long (you can see two on the sides of the stove...yep...)

our bathroom and laundry room...i used the bathroom in the middle of the night a couple nights ago and just so happened to see a medium-sized cockroach hanging out in the trash can. i stifled a scream (and the strong desire to wake tyler up to kill it) and calmly tied the bag and threw it outside. ugh.

and as you can see, we have completely utilized every square inch of this closet. i shudder to think of the critters (aka cockroaches) that may be hiding in there...

bedroom, office and book room... (to the left in this picture is a desk with a computer, printer, and a few other misc. office items...neat, eh?)

we decided against buying bedroom furniture for now while we were still in our last place and after decided we didn't have room for this piece, our tv stand before, it became a very nice book shelf and i am happy to have a home for my beloved books. and also happy that my scarves still have a home (the red with flowers is new and i love it!)

here is my handsome husband after fixing the hyundai and buying groceries for fajita night...this is the view from the patio/porch...we have a great picture frame collage to the left on the wall, but it sadly didn't make the picture. next time.

and this is from our front/back door. cool, eh? it looks like a jungle and sounds like it at 6am as well. :)

and in case any one of the many pool-goers care to take a look at the first-floor apartments, this is what they will see when looking at ours. boxes needing to be trashed or stored and our ever-surviving shopping cart. and don't forget to notice the tv antenna in the window that you saw in a previous post. we are pure class here.

well, there's your tour! i hope it was well worth the wait. maybe someday i'll take pictures of the neighborhood to prove to you that we really do live in a cool part of town. but for now, this will have to suffice. we went to an astros game last night so please, visit again soon to see pictures and maybe even a video or two of the fireworks and retractable roof (all very exciting, i assure you). Hope you're all doing well and surviving the springtime! :)


Brittany said...

HOWWW cool! :) it looks awesome! I think you are a great decorator!!!!

Holly Stavness said...

it looks so cute! it is small but it is home-y. :)
p.s. i love all of the focus on the family books you have on your shelf;)

Josh and Bre said...

Love it love it love it!!!! you did an awesome job decorating and i am so proud of you for talking care the cockroach you would have never done that a few years ago :)