02 September 2010


What is one thing I'm sure to include on my list of "things to do in spare time"?!

Maybe you're clever and checked out the title of this post, but yep! CAMPING.
And this weekend my sweet husband and i are taking two nights to enjoy God's great out-of-doors. I can't imagine doing anything else over a 3 day weekend such as Labor Day.
Where are we headed? Just north about an hour, to Hunstville State Park. (home of GATORS...and yes, since I wondered, you're probably wondering...they do not [usually] come right up to the people in tents, so we should be safe from unexpected visitors) Huntsville is also where the Texas state prison is. you know, where they execute the bad guys. and just a little fun fact: texas has the most active execution chamber in the country. coolness. so we won't be picking up hitchhikers. or talking to strangers.

A second camping chair is on the top of our shopping list for this trip. (last time we took turns between the chair and the tiny cooler) So are s'mores. I can't wait! tyler warned me there might be a lot of sitting around, and that sounds just wonderful right now. relaxing.

okay! back to what i was doing! i have NO clue what to make for supper tonight...any suggestions?! (that's usually a good excuse to go out...hehe...)


saranaede said...

Oh peanit!
Fun, Fun. We're going to the cabin- not exactly camping, but close.

One of our fave new dinners is "make your own chipotle" Big burrito shells, grill some chicken or meat of your choice... 5 minute white rice, black beans (or pinto... depending on preference), salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and cheese! It's filling and DELISH! Have a great weekend!

Brittany said...

:) Have fun camping. PLEASE PLEASE don't get eaten by any gators. That would NOT be cool!

I love camping, were going to be camping out after Calli Long's wedding on Saturday.. but I think there will be a lot less relaxing and much more dancing.. and craziness!

Have fun! Be safe!