20 October 2010

it's very simple

maybe i'm completely alone in thinking this...but...

one of the few times a day a person is completely alone is when they can lock a door or stall and use the restroom.  it's a few seconds where they can gather their thoughts, relax, and collect themselves before resuming activity.  obviously, (hopefully) a trip to the bathroom will leave one feeling refreshed and more comfortable.  in addition, just today someone came into the office, left for a few minutes, and came back saying she gets the best ideas when she uses the bathroom. (and then proceeded to tell me about her plans for the afternoon) there are few times, however, when i get frustrated and rush the process.  this usually happens when i lock the stall door (always in the first or third of the three) and someone walks in and chooses the second stall.  what??!  or when someone is in the second stall when i walk in...why?!? (sometimes i wait...weird, i know)  allow me to elaborate...

if there is a bathroom with three stalls, you should pick a stall on the outside so you're not right next to the person who may come in next, right?

and if someone picks either stall one or three, you should not be the person to pick stall two, unless both are otherwise occupied.

and in a bigger bathroom with, say, 5-10 stalls...why would anyone unnecessarily choose to share a very private few moments with someone else in close proximity? sure, if the bathroom is full and there are no other options, it's a different story. but then, the prescence of many people naturally diminishes the possibility for awkwardness.
this may be a minor pet peeve of mine. i mean, who in their right mind would prefer to use the next-door toilet of one already occupied? to me, it's semi-awkward. and i say semi only because to say awkward would make the awkwardness double. i don't know. maybe it's just me? maybe. 

thank you listening/reading as i got that off my chest.  i'm not this paranoid about other things, i promise.  i do apologize if this was...a little...uncomfortable reading.  in some moments, it was a little uncomfortable to write.  but.  you all needed to hear it.


Brittany said...

LOL! I totally agree!

But there should ALWAYS be some bathroom etiquette.

I always want to burst out laughing when I hear someone going to the bathroom!

I am always too embarrassed! I always have to flush the toilet if there are others in the bathroom while I am going! I don't want anyone to hear me pee or heaven forbid..... :)

I totally agree with the bathroom stall theory you posed!

Anonymous said...


Tiffany said...

I am cracking up because I feel the exact same way!

I found your blog through Mingle Monday and am looking forward to reading more! :)