23 July 2011

cooking for a loner

so i've been back to my single gal diet since tyler's been gone.  i love rice, popcorn, chips and salsa and diet coke.  and before i got married, those items were all i knew about food.  (i'm almost 98% serious) but inspiration from new cookbooks made me want to cook a good meal for myself (and hope for a little know, to avoid having to cook again)

it turned out absolutely delicious!!

and it even looks good, despite of my poor, poor photography skills.

(and yes, those are lo mein noodles...i'm branching out, i know) the awesome addition in this vs. other recipes i've made like this is a chili pepper jelly i added at the end...delicious!  a definite repeat when ty gets home (and no...i did not eat all of that)

i guess i can't forget about my birthday supper, where i was just craving pioneer woman's grilled corn guacamole.  and to have grilled corn guac, you have to grill the corn, which meant learning how to start the charcoal.  and since the grill was lit, i thought i should grill something else beside corn.  so chicken it was (watch out, i know) but it was delicious.  and so were the grilled onions.  :)  i don't think i got a finished product picture, but by the time i figured out how to do all this stuff, i was starving.  so excuse me.


thus concludes my cooking ventures for the past two weeks.  made me tired.  back to rice and popcorn today.

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