05 March 2014

Seoul incredible!

My trip to Seoul yesterday was fabulous! A few of the girls at the Army post there showed us "country bumpkins" around and it was so much fun riding the subway like a local, stopping to eat street food and eating some good ramen from a famous noodle shop. It was also fun to talk Noonday-it's so strange having other Ambassadors so close to chat with. They are all so fashionable, which makes it even more fun! (Thanks for the pose, Amber! This is the purse I think you should get, mom! And anyone is SO much better in person!) link here:

Our lunch at the noodle shop was quite the experience-they have two kinds of noodles...spicy and not spicy. Most of us chose the not spicy option and were very happy (especially after seeing the deep red color their broth was compared to our yellow broth...yikes!) I can't wait to come back to Seoul and have my tour guide, Amber, show me around again! (wink, wink) Amber and I have been emailing back and forth since starting with Noonday late last summer and when I suspected we might come to Korea, she was so helpful in reassuring me that being an advocate with Noonday can still be very effective overseas. She is a rockstar Ambassador and I love soaking in her wisdom. Chalk one up for the Air Force!

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Unknown said...

Aw! Thanks for the love! It was SUCH a fun day and I loved hanging out with you and the other gals! Can't wait to do it again!!!