10 November 2008

i'm cranky but still...

i had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
(great book. but i had to google the title to make
and yet, even though i feel like things can't get much worse, i know that God is bigger. it sounds over simplified but for the first time in a while, my heart isn't matching my head and i know that i am still being taken care of. meh. so these girls mean the world to me. (this was at my roommate's 22nd fiesta birthday--our apt. still smells like salsa) waverly and kylie are both southern belles and the reason for me slipping in a y'all into everyday conversation. megs--let's discuss my last post over thanksgiving...? (if i'm still coming home, which is part of my bad day) i'm considering grad school. i'm also considering joining the peace corps. i wish i were joking. who am i? i'm also considering simply running west and never looking back...and i might be getting seriously pranked--for good reason. ever heard of ray vanderlaan? he spoke in class for 7 hours on friday and i realize how little i know about the Bible. sad. he leads trips to israel and turkey--that is also now on my list. :)


meghan said...

7 hours sounds like a long time. without bathroom break or a drink of water? wow. it sounds like you have a lot of really intersting things to think about. the only one i don't approve of is the "never looking back" one. we couldn't live without seeing our big d in ff every once in a while. we love ya girl! i want to just squeeze ya!! on a different note, i have been teaching preston to prounounce daniel's name "danielle". so far so good.

can't wait to chat over a nice gizzard!! only a couple weeks!

Holly Stavness said...

hahahaha brendy the blur!!! oh my word i'm dying.