06 November 2008 pictures this time...but today in gender/leadership class we talked about ethics. we were asked to break into our quest teams and discuss this issue: you and your husband finally get pregnant (with the help of fertility medicine) after 4 years of trying. As soon as you find this out, the doctors tell you that you have cancer and have 9 months to live (convienient, i know) ... if you choose to undergo radiation/chemo, your baby will die. if you don't do the radiation, you will die. what do you and your husband choose?

thoughts? i got reeeally frustrated with a guy in my group--he's the stubborn, opinionated yet INDECISIVE guy who gets me upset just thinking about it.

i'm looking for jobs. and houses. pray, please. i don't want to go outside of God's will with moving here, but He's not really painting it in the sky. It's just comforting to know He's bigger than my decisions. This is a unusually serious post. weird.

on a lighter note, i have had britney's new song, "womanizer" in my head for the past two weeks. it's a good one. the video is soft porn, though. haha. :)

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meghan said...

So funny that you would post this! I have been pondering this issue for the past week or so. I guess elections can really get you thinking. If I put myself in this situation, I can honestly say I don't know. How can more value be placed on one life rather than another. I would love to hear where your discussion went.

On a lighter note, I slammed my finger in the door yesterday and drowned my cell phone. Love ya and praying for ya!!