14 December 2008

dan's crib

so here's my new house! tell me how cute it is... :)
uh. hello double closet. yesssssssss. and i also have a huge balcony off my room! and the place came with a washer/dryer, vacuum, and super nice flat screen plasma tv that was already mounted on the wall! so i won't be using the kitchen much, but isn't it nice?

painting ashlie's room! amanda is on the left, then ash--aka 'bad ash' :)

at bdubs with buddy holly! isn't she gorgeous? i will miss her. lots.

our first lease! :)

so i'm done with the institute on tuesday. but i'm not done with colorado. and i'm excited, but kinda scared i guess. i think it's going to be a hard year for me. i know i'm not doing this alone, but still. being an adult. yikes. :) my buddy drew and i won a pizza party at our professor's house tonight--yay! we're family feud champs! okay...better get back to the football/cleaning.

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