03 December 2008


oh boy. i had a dream last night that i received several hate comments from my dear cousin for not updating my blog. i know you're not sitting at the computer waiting for my new post, meghan, but it did prick my conscience. :)

so! when i got back to denver on friday night, it had just started to snow. (picture to the right on sat. morning) it didn't stop until monday morning. haha. it was like 30 degrees and the most pleasant snowfall i've ever experienced. it did cause for some interesting driving conditions and visibility (esp. when my passenger side wiper broke--see picture)

in other news, i've gotten...oh...about 6 hours of sleep this whole week. not per night. total. combined. yesh. i had my phone interview with david's bridal and should know about that by the end of the week. and OH MY WORD--check out this adoooorable townhouse we're checking out on friday! soo cute! :)

WE'RE GOING SKIING ON SATURDAY! and there's an ugly Christmas sweater party tomorrow night! and cookie baking, and a Christmas tea all this wknd! not to mention all my homework. see why sleep is the first thing i've been cutting out? okay!

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meghan said...

hehehe! i admit, i do love the updates.