11 January 2009

okaaay...time to update the 'ol blog. i'm all settled in beautiful c.springs...still no jobber. uuuugh. don't even get me started. it seriously has been the lamest week of my life...things consisting of: going to wal-mart, going to panera (for the free wi-fi), going to hobby lobby, and sitting at home watching movies. and this is all spread out so we don't take care of all the exciting things in one day. (cheesy smile) i think this whole job thing is really starting to get to me---i didn't sleep a wink last night and can update now cuz i have hours before church starts, which i've been looking forward to all week. ookay. enough of the rambling. here's some pics for your thirsty eyes. :)
this was at traci's wedding a week ago. (where i caught the bouquet. line it up, boys)

ryan, sir ring bearer from england. isn't he just precious?

i don't need to convince you why i moved here. (these pics are from my roommate, amanda, on their drive out in the penske moving truck)

first supper! spaghetti. delish and affordable for the unemployed. :)

cute living room! (now there's a tree in that left corner...)

okay--that's it for now. i'd post pics of my completed room, but it's not yet. i'm moving the futon from the basement where we aren't using it to my room where i'll probably do many hours of reading. ps. looove the balcony. hmm. amen. until next time! hopefully the next time i post it'll be with news of employment. pleeeeeease. :)

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meghan said...

if it makes you feel any better daniel isn't working either. i guess he's not man enough to handle negative 24 below - what a baby. i really hope you find a job.

love ya! praying for a job!