06 February 2009

my roommate amanda just got a job with focus today! praise Jesus! one down...two to go.. :)
tonight we went to the broadmoor (this suuuuuuper fancy/ritzy hotel/resort extraordinaire with like 9 bars...) with a few guy friends...we started at the tavern and heard a great band playing some good oldies...and then we went to the golden bee, an english pub with a lot of drunk, old people...there was a really good piano player but when i requested a song, he was a jerk and told me to put some money in the jar and he would think about playing it.
grrr...i can't get this baby to upload pics so this is going to be a boring post.
but i made some great soup for the superbowl. :) thanks to stalking on facebook. and meghan saving my butt. anyways! sonja is coming to colorado springs for a missions conference and is going to stay an extra couple of days with me!!! maybe time for bed...? it's weird not having to get up in the morning for anything...and i think i am past being sick of it! :)

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