19 April 2010


tyler and i went camping in austin this past weekend (stay tuned for pictures)

after clean-up and in the middle of laundry, me drying my hair and tyler turning the tv on to get our red-boxed movie set up, we lost power. this was about 8:30 last night. we grabbed our headlamps (that we had just put away from the camping trip), i lit some candles and ty went to investigate. every other unit in our building was lit up, so we were an isolated case. sigh. we called our service provider and they said if they came out to fix it and it was something our maintenance men could have done, they would charge us $45. so we called our emergency maintenance line and got a call back, saying it was downpouring where they lived (shouldn't an emergency maint. person live close to the complex?!) and it should take no less than 25 minutes for him to get there. he arrived (it's now 9:30) did the same things tyler did to the outside breaker, and got nothing. so we called the service provider again and said they'd send someone our way "as soon as possible" was now downpouring out our window, which is not a good sign for any sort of electricity service...we got sick of waiting at 11pm and woke up this morning... still in the dark again. we had put our perishables in a cooler and opened the window, since our air conditioning wasn't working. of course, our modem didn't work so no internet. i was up an hour earlier due to our smoke detector beeping constantly--icing on the cake, eh? it's still pouring outside, and it's a monday.

the good things? i managed to paint my nails in the dark, something i haven't made time to do since starting work (this is week #4...yikes!) bad things? now that i'm in the light, i see what a "great" job i did. that goes for trying to get myself ready this am, as well. oh well. here's hoping you have had a much better night/day!

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Brittany said...

:) That stinks! Is the power on this a.m?