12 July 2010

Youth Room Facelift

Tyler and I have had a blast the past few 5-6 months hanging out with the youth group kids.  The youth room they have above the church makes me so jealous we didn't have such a fun room, but it made me that much more excited to help give it a minor makeover.  The walls had been painted really dark colors and while it wasn't awful, it simply wasn't as welcoming as the potential I had pictured in my mind.  So Tyler and I went to Lowe's and picked out numerous colors and made 4 different combinations that each had 3 colors and had the kids vote on which combo they liked best.  We were a little nervous about how it would look, but knew if nothing else, we could just paint over it!  :)  So the idea is to have one of the walls as a "graffiti" wall where the kids can write/draw what they'd like.  Shannon and I managed to document most of the day...7 1/4 gallons of paint, 7 1/2 hours, three trips to Lowe's and many workers later, the youth room is brighter, more fun, and more welcoming.  We love how it turned out (and the most important thing--we think the kids love it too!)  :)

The last two are each half of the finished product.  that gray wall is going to be earlier said graffiti wall and it was Tyler's brilliant idea to add the clever diagonal stripes.  Do you like it?  It was a great day and we had so much fun with all the kids.  My birthday is this Saturday (#23, sooo exciting! ha).  Friday night the youth group is splitting genders and we're doing a guys'/girls' night (the girls' night is most probably going to include shopping--YES!)  and then Saturday morning we're leaving for San Antonio for a day of tubing on the river and hanging out at the famous Riverwalk with most of the AF crew here in Houston and some from Del Rio.  I'm pretty excited to get out of Houston.  Oh, and here are my birthday flowers (ahem...roses) from my husband (today is Monday, Saturday is still a few days away)...gorgeous, huh?  :)  i love that guy so much. 


Brittany said...

:)) how great is that room?!


roses on Monday.. seems you'll be having a birthday WEEK!! Luckyyy you!!!

Tanya said...

So adorable :) I love the room and the gorgeous flowers! Seems like you found a keeper!