10 August 2010


Alright, Sharla.  (and everyone else)  :)  Here's my new haircut...I reeeeeeallly wanted to grow my hair out, but I was having a bad hair day every day.  Grr.  So I gave in.  The 40+ Asian woman seemed to think that parting it straight down the middle and brushing-rolling while drying would look the best.  oh how she was wrong.  i rushed home and fixed it normal and it seemed relatively normal, albeit short.  whew. 
there it is.  the new 'do.  and here's a shot of our reception that only three people have seen so far.  (thanks, peanit, for taking those!!) 

isn't it beautiful?!?!  and i even love sam in the background!  i'm definitely going to have to upload the reception pictures to facebook, now that's it been 7 1/2 months later.  :)  but that's not going to happen until AFTER our visitors come!!  jenilee and andrew are coming to houston to visit for a week!  we have so many fun things planned, including (but not limited to) the beach, NASA, the outdoor theater, the galleria aaand you'll just have to stay tuned for the rest.  I'm picking them up tomorrow and we're going to pappasito's for some wonderful tex-mex!  hope you have a great week--i know i will!

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saranaede said...

well... golly-gee-darnit-anway!
I gotta get me to Texas!
Sounds like a good time you've got planned! One of my fave pics from the recep. by the way. looooooove it ;)love you more!