18 September 2010

food frenzy

Nothing like waiting a whole week to blog again.  Oopsies.  Blame it on lack of something to say.  Or lack of creativity.  The idea for this post comes from my dashing husband.  Thank you, love.

Tonight Tyler and I are going on a date.  I love dates with that guy.  Maybe because I love getting out of the house.  Maybe it's because I love showing off what a good looking husband I have.  Maybe it's because that usually means I don't have to cook.  (By the way, last night I made bangers and mash...or sausage and mashed potatoes with an onion gravy.  I've been craving "pub food" ever since watching that show on the Travel Channel.  Last night I finally got my fix and pretended to be across the pond.  I have no clue how authentic it was, but it sure was delicious.)  Let's see...oh yes, I love going out with my husband.  Which brings me to my actual post. 

Before moving to Texas, I had heard Houston was one of the most obese cities in the country.  It didn't take long for me to figure out why...

I have literally never seen as many fast food chains or sit-down restaurants ever in my life as there are here in Houston.  We feel guilty going to the same place twice.  (Kind of)  The culture here is just so different.  When we first moved here and were trying to find things to do, every single person we asked responded with the name of a new restaurant we should try.  And we have tried quite a few, but then the rest of our night is free and we find ourselves wishing for a variety of suggestions.  We fell right into that trap when Jenilee and Andrew visited last month.  We had so many fun things planned, and places we wanted to show them.  I remember the list.  90% of it involved food.  (not usually a problem, I know...but still)

Allow me to boggle your mind (if you're from the great north, that is)
There are the usual chains we have back home:
Wendys, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Hardee's (well, Carl's Jr down here), Krispy Kreme, Subway, hmmm that's actually all that I can think of from home (does anyone have any additions I'm sadly forgetting?)
Now here come the surplus:
Sonic (I do think there are a couple now in MN, but not on every corner)
Taco Cabana
Shipley's Donuts
Jack in the Box
Church's Chicken
Chick Fil A
Long John Silver's
Wing Stop
Smash Burger
(need I continue?)

How about some non-fast food places? (Casual dining, if you will...)
Jason's Deli
Cafe Express
Golden Corral
Pei Wei (I know we have this back home too)
Luby's (side note the first job I had here, every person went out to get fast food every single day.  EVERYDAY.  never, ever, anything else.  but once...most of them left to have a lunch meeting at Luby's...I asked my boss what that was and she said, "it's more like home cooking, you know...when you're sick of eating out..." Uh............)(this place even has a drive thru.  figure that out)

I don't even need to start with the.....................
PAUSE.  everything up until NOW was written Friday at about 4:30pm.  At 5:15 (the time Tyler is usually riding his bike home), I got a phone call saying that Kat, one of our friends (who works with Ty) got hit by a car as she was riding her bike home from work. (Just a few minutes ahead of Tyler)  Talk about WOW.  she, fortunately, is fine.  Two broken ankles, a punctured side and a sleepover in the hospital later.  we spent most of the night waiting in the emergency room (she was on her way to Austin to pick up her fiance, so they could spend the weekend together in San Antonio. oh, how plans change)  needless to say, we didn't get our date night.  we did, however, get to go out to eat at this Thai place we've been wanting to try while Kat was getting more Xrays.  We went to a movie tonight and have had a good weekend so far.

Back to my drama food saga (which now doesn't seem so important) and we're left with........

Texans eat a lot.  And not just barbeque or Tex Mex.  They eat a lot and they eat out a lot.  That's all.  Good night.  And big balls.  (any Wipeout fans out there?  just checking...)

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Brittany said...

I am glad your friend is okay!

A blog friend of mine just posted about her friend who was recently hit by a car! She passed away the next day!

Seems like God was watching out for your friends!

As for the food? Umm I want a Chic fil a here! I miss it!

There chicken is pretty dang incredible!