09 September 2010

happy thursday!

Thursday...hmmm...thursday used to be one of my favorite days. maybe it still is, somewhat. perhaps it's because friday means the start of the weekend but on thursday you still have friday to look forward to. or perhaps it's because out of my six semesters of college, three of those i took classes only on tuesdays and thursdays. talk about a long weekend every single week. that also translates into 18 credits in two days. so thursdays were my fridays. it's a good day. and today is an especially good thursday...the start of the football season!! i'm excited. and i don't even mind that the wretched vikings are playing. :)

i have to tell you something our friends, nat and shannon's son graham said at the doctor last week. (shannon told me this last night at youth group and it's just too good...) (i'll try to do my best to remember...)
graham was running in the doctor's office waiting patiently when the doctor walked in and said what a fast runner he was.
he responded, "i'm running fast like mr tyler!" (stemming from when he watched ty at the triathalon)
the doctor asked who tyler was to which graham said, "he belongs with mrs danielle!"


i know i said i'd have pictures to share from camping and well...i lied...i didn't take any. :( well, i did, but it was only of the ginormous largemouth bass tyler caught. i'll upload it soon.

have a happy thursday, everyone! i know i will! :)

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