21 September 2010

I can really see where this whole blogging thing can monopolize one's life...I just found
Mingle Monday 
(thanks to my pal Britt over at Unexpected Surprises)
and it just may be the end of me.  
I can't wait to find new blogs, "meet" new people and learn fun new tips for my blog. 
So much for my knitting project.


{Amanda} said...

Blogging does have a way of taking up some time if you let it :) But it's fun! And I'm so glad that you found me so that I could find you!

My husband & I are both from the Boulder, CO area. Beautiful place! You & your husband are such a cute couple!

I'm your newest follower! Oh, & I'm a newbie knitter! The scarf you're working on is so pretty!

Brittany said...

OK I am featuring you on Thursday!

I loved your wedding photos so much, you should have Jen feature your wedding! You looked so so so cute!