20 September 2010

project time

it's been a gloomy few days here and i'm feeling sniffly.  the fix?  hopefully this:

a new project!  while the houston heat doesn't necessarily make knitted items imperative, it has been too long (i have instructions on another browser tab).

nevermind the fact that i am neglecting an unfinished product.
oh well.  we'll see where the blue and gray take me!  anyone have any ideas about what i should knit?

PS Happy birthday TODAY to my dear friend, Holly.
and a Happy belated birthday (yesterday) to another dear friend, Audrey!
Sure wish I could celebrate birthdays with friends.  :)


Brittany said...

:) fun!

Were going to need scarves and knitted blankets back in mn soon!

Holly Stavness said...

thanks for the shout out friend! :) Love you!