28 September 2010

what's cooking?

I used to not liking cooking. Of course, it is much more fun cooking for more than one person. Now, I love it! I love trying new things (especially if it involves potatoes, my main food group) Tyler also enjoys cooking, but he's getting so good at grilling. Friday nights are fun to do something fun/different and last Friday was no exception. Wanna know what we put together? Let's see if you can guess....

It started with some veggies... (see? potatoes...hehe)

Add some skewers... (do you know yet?)

And voila!

Wonderfully tasty, delicious kabobs.

With a few good pineapples.

That's what our date night in consisted of! And bowling later...the first time we went bowling together, I apparently had a streak of luck and beat him by ten points. I still give him a good dose of trash talk before each round but I am lucky to get over 100 points, while he consistently...gets a lot more. Oh well. I can still beat him in speed scrabble.

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Brittany said...

yummy! You made me hungry!