06 October 2010


tomorrow is the last day of my diet. i don't know if it's done a single thing. i do know i went to the gym last friday and passed out  felt very ill because it was before supper, which meant i had only consumed about 400 calories. 

it really is madness.  they're starving me.  i'm hungry all day.  however, i will admit that when i finally get to eat some real food for supper, i can't eat as much as i probably normally would.  i'm convinced it's all about portion control.  we americans know no limits when it comes to food.  i won't go into detail, because i'm trying to not think about delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering goodness that junk. 

speaking of not talking about food.  i reeeeeeally want to learn how to cook good German food.  having never been there (hopefully someday soon!)  it may be hard.  but i'm German, shouldn't it be in my blood?  (i'm also norwegian, and making lefse proved to be a lot harder than it looked)  but still.  german food may be my favorite. 

Brilliant idea!!  If any of you lovely, wonderful, brilliant readers know any good recipes/ideas for me to WOW my husby with the best german food he's ever had in america, maybe you could let me know?  think about it do it, will ya?

so much for not thinking about food.  well, back to the grindstone.  i've had a rather hectic few weeks at work.  not always constant madness, but when it rains it pours, eh?  i'll be back soon!  thanks (in advance) for your german food suggestions!


Brittany said...

I'm german too, but I couldnt help you out... I suck in the kitchen!

My poor future husband!

{Amanda} said...

Ooh, German food! I'm living in Germany now, so I eat a lot of it! But I don't cook it! I did make a traditional German Plumb Cake with plumbs given to me by one of my German neighbors! That was delicious! Oh, & I've made German goulash, which is delicious! I'm sure you'll make something really good for you & your sweetie! ♥