14 October 2010

can a girl help it?

it comes with the territory.  like a third nature.  i really can't help it. 

but i love to shop. 

confession:  i used to be mildly addicted to any form of shopping.  we're talking malls, department stores, target, and even (but mostly)

online shopping. 

(gasp! i know...)

allow me to introduce you to my addiction timeline:

high school: who can say no to the fun saturday trips with either grandma or girlfriends??  (my answer to the rhetorical question is, clearly, not me!)

college: although i was your typical poor and starving college student, i managed to work menial jobs (we're talking food services [ahem...dishroom], "building crew" [aaah...fancy name for toilet scrubber], and yes, even a PCA, personal care assistant, [which is a very, very admirable career that i will never feel the need to go back to.  in short, i was a catheter-checker and butt-wiper].  anyways.  all this to feed my stylishly wonderful shopping addiction.  while i had a shopper's paradise at my doorstep (only 15 minutes from The Mall of America), i found myself buying clothes online waaaaay too often (this is where i get shy and don't admit how often). 

post-college: sadly, this is where my addiction takes a drastic turn for the worse (or for the better, depending on how you look at it).  i had no job.  a college degree with only the loan payments to prove it.  and i had also moved approximately 925 miles away from my closest wad of cash. 

i was forced to make a very serious choice:  rice and peanut butter (in another word, supper) or a darling new pair of peep-toe kitten heels. 

marriage: (this is where light, fluffy and happy music can play) while i do have some money to spend on shopping, mostly i forget about it.  (GASP)  i know, right?  maybe it's because i'm lazy and more picky now. (i like to think of it as fine-tuning my style) or maybe because my better half (who replaced former shopping pals) would rather spend 5 hours fishing in the bay or shopping for fishing gear.  either way, my closet hasn't been upgraded in quite a while.  (except for when i caved at target last week and bought an adorable tunic to keep my leggings company)

Are you still with me here?
All this to say...... (drumroll, please)............

I'm going to the Houston Premium Outlets on Saturday!!!!   with my husband.  he wants to take me.  it's maybe 45 minutes from us, on the way to Austin, and the only other time we went there was on our way home from Austin and decided to not go again because of the drive.  (unless, of course, driving from austin)  but we're going.  and i'm so so so pumped.  (it was either this or fishing, imagine that)

i'm being smarter about my shopping now.  i'm a recent VIP member of the outlets and will be picking up my free coupon book when we get there.  i'm also planning on bringing in an old pair of jeans at Gap to get 40% off a NEW pair!  worth it. 

i can't wait for saturday to revisit my old flame, just for one day.  i'll let you know what i find!  :)


Nate & Erin said...

I LOVE this. What an awesome, well written, fun, and comical post. You are the coolest Dani! :) I would TOTALLY come shopping with you if I could.

Nikki said...

I'm quite jealous of your shopping trip. I too have battled with the shopping addiction. The worst is knowing you can't but wanting too. And then one day you buy a bunch of crazy stuff just to buy it because it has been too long. I've done that before in Target. Have so much fun shopping! Wish I was shopping this weekend too!

Brittany said...

eeek! I want to go shopping now!

You have always looked fabulous! You have the greatest style!

ohh and I love your wedding style too! I told friends about it recently! I seriously loved it!

Have fun! cant wait to hear (and see?) your deals!!!

Brittany said...

p.s. posting a giveaway tomorrow! You may like it!!! Check it out!

Josh and Bre said...

I see a coach outlet store sign!!!!!! guess where i get to go shopping tomorrow MOA :) my hubby decided that he wanted to take me there so we are flying to the cities and then flying back (the benefits of him working for the airport) woot-woot for nice hubby's

Sarah said...

I lived 10 minutes from Mall of America and HATED going there except on Sunday nights. Otherwise I couldn't stand the crowds. I prefer shopping with my blood pressure at healthy levels :)

Emily said...

Hi from Mingle Monday!

I adore shopping. A lady after my own heart :)