02 October 2010

here it is!

Ready for the surprise?!?!

(and I'm not pregnant, for those of you who were crossing your fingers... :)

well...i was fortunate enough to have graduated from my expensive private college in only 3 years (with a major and two minors, thank you very much), but that didn't leave me the richest person in the world.  in fact, it left me with over $40,000 of college loans.  after moving to colorado springs and doing a semester at focus on the family, i was able to defer my loans and started paying them last summer.

So...a year and a few months later, tyler and i are totally DEBT FREE!
i always just thought it'd be something i'd be paying off until my 30's, but i also thought i'd have a good job to pay it off with.  isn't it funny how life works? celebrate last night, we went out to Buca's (with a $10 off coupon, thank you) we shared one of their huge dishes and unfortunately, i found a hair in my food.  (YUCK) but i calmly told our server and asked if we could just get another dish made.  the new dish came out and was delicious, and we decided to order cheesecake (we never get dessert)...the manager stopped by, apologized and told us the dessert was on him (nice!) and when the server brought our check, he told us the entire meal was free because we didn't make a big stink about the hair!!  so not only are we debt free, we also got a free meal!! 

that's my surprise.  i hope you have a happy saturday!


French Lover said...

Congratulations !!! That must be such a relief & it's a great accomplishment :)

Nate & Erin said...

Congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment! :)

Laura said...

That's wonderful news!! I graduated in 3 years too - Isn't it such a good feeling?!

Josh and Bre said...

That is amazing!!! congratulations to both of you!!

Mariel Torres said...

congrats darling!
i'm currently doing my 3rd year at a very expensive university as well, and oh how i wish the be done and debt free! hehe