08 November 2010

the best way to spread christmas cheer...

is... singing loud for all to hear! (thank you, elf!)

yes, i'm already looking forward to christmas. maybe it's because this year we missed the halloween decoration train. and so far, we're not decorating for my favorite season or thanksgiving. well...except for candy corn. that's all i need, in my mind. who's with me? or i guess, this pumpkin that tyler carved last night:

however, i did "stock up" on christmas goodies...a jar and cinnamon-y potpurri to fill it with, garland and ivy beads, ornaments, and well that might be it...(it seemed like a lot more at the cash register...) anyways! i'm pretty excited to turn our tiny apartment into a winter wonderland. i would have bought more but in order not to break the bank, i'm think i'm going to have gather my goodies in little bits over the years.

anyone have any must-have thanksgiving or christmas decorations? or any tips on how to save money while doing it? :) tell me, quick!

alright, time to finally go to the gym. we'll see how it goes.


Brittany said...

join my ornament swap!!! :)

I am decorating in all silver and white! (i think!) I cant wait to decorate for the holidays but I am waiting until after Thanksgiving!!

Jeremiah and Stephanie said...

Try thrift stores, I bet you could find some good things there. That's my plan this year. If you want to stock up for next year go to JoAnn and Michael's right after Christmas and you could get some stuff for as much as 70-90% off.

Happy decorating! Post pictures so I can get inspired :)