23 November 2010

for your information...

since i clearly haven't been the world's most dedicated blogger, what exactly have i been up (you may be wondering) ......

well our weekends this fall have had their extremes: either we're twiddling our thumbs and watching way too much football for any person to admit or we've been busy busy busy! not complaining about either. fall in houston is actually quite enjoyable. tyler and i have finally been able to take advantage of living next to a great park and try to go on walks as much as possible.

this past saturday night we went ice skating with the youth group and then had everyone over for goodies and cider. it was a very fun night and now we know we really can fit 17 people in our little apartment! sunday i made my very first turkey for our "pre thanksgiving thanksgiving" with the air force crew and it was actually edible! well, it was deliciously juicy, thanks to slow cooking it alllll morning. :) except (you were waiting for that, right??)....... i misunderstood my daddy when he was giving me tips and sprinkled flour on top of the turkey, instead of in the pan...but i can partially blame tyler, who completely understood my dad and only confessed to wondering what i was doing (when he watched me sprinkle the flour) after it was fully cooked. oh well. let's forget that happened, eh?

what are we doing for thanksgiving this year? after spending thursday with tyler's friend's family, we are taking a little jaunt down the coast on friday morning to none other than....... (drumroll, please)

anyone have any idea what this is a picture of??
okay, fine, i'll tell you...
south padre island!
yes, spring break capital of the world. yes, we are going in november to avoid that whole scene. yes, we just booked our quaint little beachfront condo today. and yes, these are our plans for the long weekend. three days/two nights of fishing, walking the beach, reading (?)/ knitting (?) and getting out of houston. a mere 5-6 hour drive is most definitely worth it. i am very, very excited. and i'm very excited to let you know that my brilliant husband is the mastermind behind this. he suggested it, (oh me, of little faith) did some heavy-duty research and calculations and made the call. he's so cool, isn't he? speaking of my super cool hubby, time for supper!

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Nate & Erin said...

Oh fun! I've been to South Padre, although it's been a while. What a pretty place! Enjoy! :)