15 December 2010

perplexing thought of the day...

i'll confess that i don't necessarily mind commercials. it's very entertaining to me the variety (sometimes) and creativity that goes into commercials. i enjoy seeing what people come up with as far as advertising schemes. and i always try to notice a 30-second spot that has no spoken words to it. sure, speaking gets people's attention... but how much more do we remember a commercial where the images had to make up for the lack of words...(this is delving a little deeper into how weird i am...let's move on)

for example, like kay jewelers' ultra-cheesy, crazy storm with the couple: "i'm right here (______ dramatic pause) and i always will be". or the HILARIOUS target commercials with the crazy, hyped up lady advertising the black friday specials.

but there was one commercial i saw that is really thought-provoking. which really irks me that i'm still thinking about it, because that's what they want you to do...but still.

however. my perplexing thought of the day. the samsung commercial for the brand new, LED 3D tv just came on with the opening words, "haven't you always wanted to experience a different dimension?"

now...i may be old-fashioned. but i have never watched a single thing (besides 4th of july fireworks) in 3D. haven't given in yet. maybe it's because i'm too cheap and don't want to spend an extra $10. or maybe it's because i simply enjoy movies in "regular D". :) we'll see.

back to experiencing a different dimension. that dimension they're referring to is 3D. i checked with tyler, just to be sure, but don't we live in 3D? so now we're supposed to watch (with super classy glasses, too) something on a screen that previously gave us a break from life, separated us from reality (thinking of propping the feet up and turning the brain off here) and actually let our heart rate slow...but, it's real life on and off the screen. turn the tv on and it's the reality in 3D you're trying to shut off. i don't know. it's an interesting thought. and so is going to bed.

good to say hi again. :)

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