09 February 2011

in sickness...

for whatever reason, God gave me a superb immune system.  i can recall very few (2 or 3) occasions where i was sick enough to stay home from school from elementary through college (more times, however, where i was "sick")... most of the time, i have been rather grateful for my strong white blood cells. 

i work in a church, which is also a school.  due to my exposure to kids and the countless viruses that hop along their bodies, i was warned many times to get a flu shot, before i would be sick for days on end and numerous times over.  it didn't take much for me to decide against it, as taking my chances seemed more convenient than a trip to the doctor (or even walgreen's down the street)

my dear, sweet husband does not have quite the stellar immune system and gets sick rather frequently.  while i do my best to take care of him, he is a man.  he can only drink so much honey lemon water, use so many tissues, and 'rest' for so long.  now...not only has my husband been sick for the last week or so, my 'coworkers', their children and their play dates have all been home for at least two days with some type of sickness.  sometimes the stomach bug, sometimes flu-type stuff, but something.  and me?  nada.    


as often (and as much) as i'm grateful for my subconscious ability to fight off any and all viruses when they come flying at me..... i wonder.... would it be so much to ask for enough of a sniffle to be deemed contagious?  is it too unreasonable to ask for a single day of virus-induced rest?  last week, when tyler was beginning to feel achy, i decided to take my chances.  either to prove that i'm really as sickness-defiant as i believe, or to prove the opposite: that i can get sick and don't really mind the break from life.  so... my sick husband was most helpful as i drank out of the same glass, shared silverware, didn't turn away when he coughed and maybe got a little closer than necessary.  i kind of thought i was jinxing myself by bragging about it so much to tyler, but really.  today?  nothing.  last week?  nothing more than a minor cough here and there.  everyone else is starting to feel better and me?  chipper as always.  my only real complaint is for nights in a row, while nyquil was the only thing strong enough to knock tyler out, i was left tossing and turning for hours before finally falling asleep exhausted, only to wake up several times until morning.  so i had nothing to show for a bout of sickness but the sleeplessness that comes with it.

alas, i must not have this entire post be one giant complaint.  God must have known my need for a break, because last wednesday the entire city of houston hushed while weather reports showed we'd be getting the biggest winter storm in decades.  school was cancelled thursday and friday.  i went in to work for until 2pm on thursday to gear up for the day off on friday, when the roads were supposed to be impassable.  and true to texan form, the news teams built the "artic blast" up so much that the mayor closed the city on friday morning.  yep, shut the whole thing down.  i was expecting the pool out back (with the fountains still gushing) to be filled with snow when i awoke.  and you guessed it.  no snow.  granted, the roads were actually very icy and i was glad to have no reason to start the car.  so i did get my break.  and this week--more icy roads expected.  i'm bundled up, ready to warm some hot cocoa and think about supper before tyler gets home.

i guess i'll stop hoping for a cold.  not that i was really anxious to feel awful, but what i was really going for was the break from my everyday activities, which i got.  :)

in the meantime, tyler and i are planning our big adventure for this may...hawaii and japan, here we come!

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