21 February 2011


welcome to my new and improved blog!!

after receiving tyler's official orders and start date for pilot training, i realized that my little 'ol blog better reflect our upcoming major life changes.  formerly Houston Hurdles, i hope Afterburners and Aprons will afford you the same insight into our lives, whether through my haphazard cooking exploits or tales of exciting travels, this time through the lense of the Air Force.

i am a proud officer's wife and now that tyler's two year grad school program is wrapping up, we will finally be shoved into life in uniform, taking leave and using our military IDs.

my restless spirit is dancing just thinking about the terrifying and exciting changes that are coming up.  i am so fortunate to be a part of something much bigger than myself as a military wife and i am so proud to support my Airman.

thank you stopping by for little snippets of our adventure.  this blog is all about learning lots about anything from Air Force policies/procedures, infamous acrynoyms and the myriad of planes to cooking well, cleaning efficiently and thriving with the man of my dreams.  or, as the title implies: Afterburners and Aprons.

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