22 March 2011

what's cookin'

i've discovered an obsession with pioneer woman.  most specifically, her recipes.  seriously.  last night i made cajun chicken pasta and if i dare say, it rivals the dish we used to devour at doolittle's back in high school.  if you go to p dub's website, she's got awesome pictures with every step as well as cooking utensils and a kitchen i've been drooling over.  i have none of that.  but i have heart!  alright, fine.  i know you didn't buy that.  tyler thought i had creativity until i reminded him i copy/pasted the entire process.  oh well.  here it is.

the first ingredients.  here i look rather prepared, don't i?  lesson #1: get all ingredients ready PRIOR to cooking. 

cooking the chicken.  this is supposed to be done 1/2 at a time.  but do i follow directions?  no.  next time, i will do so.  this is also when a heavy iron skillet would come in handy.  (part of the cooking utensils i've been drooling over)

 then set the veggies and chicken aside (this whole recipe uses the same pan, wonderful, eh?)

i skipped a couple steps in the pictures, sorry.  for time's sake and also because i didn't follow directions and set all the ingredients out before.  sigh.

after a little thickening, we've almost got the finished product.

and ta-da!  finally made it to the table!

of always seems to come with an entire sink full of dishes. fortunately for me, my dashing husband washed this entire sink.

in the works for tomorrow: our very own sundried tomatoes (from the food dehydrator i got tyler for his birthday...) soaked in olive oil, garlic and some herbs and spices.  tomorrow's meal is a very special panini.

alright.  that's all for now.  tonight's creation is beef with snow peas.  can't wait!!  ciao!  or should i say chow! 

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Audrey said...

I too LOVE the pioneer woman. She has a new book out about her romance with the Marlboro man. :) I must get it. I LOVE to see that you are doing so much fun cooking! I wish I had time...come summer I will.