03 May 2011

Toast and eggs

That was the breakfastmenu here in Singapore.

We got here yesterday afternoon and walked around for hours. (really, it was hours and it felt like it too) when we finally found a reasonable hotel, we both agreed we didn't need to see anymore of this mish-mash of cultures, no offense, Sing. It's rather crowded here and there are many different neighborhoods on the island. We stayed in little india, upon recommendation of the nice American gentleman at the bus stop on the air base. We had a rather awful lunch yesterday afternoon and then ate an awesome meal sitting cross-legged at an indian restaurant...

We are hopping on the plane today to explore more of asia, this time in the form of white sandy beaches. Thanks for checking in! I had hoped to be able to upload some pictures, but blogger and this iPod aren't cooperating. Check the Facebook page for those, I guess. :)

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