20 May 2011


It has begun.

We arrived at our new home Wednesday night at 11pm CST. We were checked into a very spacious TLF (temp living facility) that resembled a townhouse-- two bedrooms two bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. At first glance, we were very impressed. It didn't take long, however, to realize that while we have plenty of space, there were a few inconveniences... Enter thermostat stuck on 68 degrees, no Internet, and zilch hot water. The furniture and decorations were exactly what you would find in a super 8, just a whole house full of them.

Yesterday we met with the housing company (we will be living on base, but the houses are contracted through a private company) and found out that we will have to wait three weeks until our house will be ready to move into. (sigh) we were able to look at one across the road that was being prepped for a different family (they were ahead of us on the waiting list) and it is pretty stinkin' cute.

We hustled back to the hotel to extend our stay in the townhouse, but we weren't able to extend our reservation in the same place, instead we'll have to move. To an actual hotel room. Which is where I'm sitting now, in the hotel lobby, waiting for our room to be cleaned. I checked out of the first place at 11 and she said by 1 they should have the room cleaned, but that was an hour ago and I'm still waiting. :) the good thing is that we'll be able to stay in that room until we get our house, the bad news is, again, it's a hotel room.

Like I said, it has begun.

I think we'll have quite a bit of free time--Tyler has 7 days to complete inprocessing that will probably only take until Monday. We've done a little bit of exploring around the base, but it's smaller than what we thought. It's not going to take much to unpack, that's for sure. :) we'll be washer/dryer shopping this weekend. And hopefully be able to do laundry. Our mail is in limbo, but hopefully not for long. I sound pretty lame, huh? :) sorry! Hopefully my next post will be of pictures from our maycation. :)

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