22 July 2011

no name

i wasn't sure what to call this post, so as you can see, i got creative.  it's tough being such a genius.

since i've clearly either been too busy to post, or have been thinking since the last post what to say (i'll let you decide) i thought i'd show you a couple other cute garage sale finds. 

these little guys are perfect for our living room, or more seating for when we have our big barbecues, or just for fun decoration...

there was a $1 sticker on each one of these and while we liked them, weren't sure.  then the man said that everything in his lawn was 1/2 off.  so $.50 each?  well sure!  

we were just going to cover what was already there, but tyler started cleaning and ripping and just kept going.  we bought foam at hancock fabrics (on sale!) and fabric from the bargain bin (cuz that's who we are) and paint (ahem...also on sale...) and got to work!
we had the first one completely finished before our little june/july travels, and i took advantage of a hot sunny afternoon (only had to take three breaks to go inside to cool off) and painted the second one outside.  
ta-da! the finished product!  cute, huh?  (and in the background is the plant i am unintentionally killing quickly...) not too bad for a fun, bargain project.

thanks for checking in!  i'm crossing my fingers that tyler will be home at the end of next week!  (wahooooo!)

and also, happy birthday (the 23rd) to my wonderful mom!

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