19 January 2012

one after the other...(and Vegas)

Just when I start to relax and breathe, another jet takes off and I have to hold the picture frames to prevent them from falling off their nails on the wall.  And these are just the "little" jets!  At least it's safe to say we'll be living away from base the next time. 

So I had a great weekend.  It was a blast getting to know better and hang out with the ladies my husband's friends have married.  (Make sense?)  Here are a few pictures (Thank you, Buddy, for the prompt) and a shaky video of the Bellagio fountains.

I don't know why, but I just love the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign.  It's so iconic.  Sadly, I did not get this mug.  But not so sadly, it means we found a Starbucks close to us!

Paris!  It was a great hotel to stay in--I thought of my friend Audrey a lot and know she would have LOVED it.  the hotel itself seemed to be rather quiet (and romantic...) except for our immediate neighbors across the wall.  I don't know if they were all sleeping there, but there were at least 5 guys and 2 girls who walked out of the one room when we were in the hallway (where one of the girls slurred that she had lots of single guys for us, and where Whitney wittingly responded that we have lots of husbands who wouldn't like that very much)  Yeah, they were fun to hear at 6am when they would just be getting back from a fun night/morning...

So the following pictures represent me trying to take a picture with Buzz and Woody (which is sort of an inside joke for Tyler's flight).  They refused unless I put money in the tip jar so this is me not wanting to put money in.  (Tyler says you can really see the sass and "hear" what I'm saying with this pose) 

Courtney saved the day, though.  And I got my picture. 
We had a mini bachelorette party with this lovely "bachelorette".  She's getting married (again) in July in Utah and we are SO excited to celebrate with her and Tim.  (Whit-those suit measurements are coming on Saturday-I promise!!) And these are the shirts Tyler helped me make...They say "McBride" and "Friend Fries".  (cute, huh?)  I decorated them with a few sparkley gems and we added boas (that shed ev-ery-where) I had actually bought really cute shirts from Spencer's in the mall (the most wholesome store ever) but then got home and realized I could make them exactly how I wanted them...
Do pictures of the Strip ever get old? ;) (Don't answer that)
Whit's first time pulling the slot machine.  Except for this machine was a fake pull so it was her first time pushing the buttons on the slot machine.  We didn't gamble at all until the last night, where after walking around for what seemed like forever (and avoiding a creepy old man and his friend) we sat down at a Texas Hold Em table and each walked away with quite a bit of money.  It was fun chatting with the dealer and the other couple at the table, and I think they liked helping us with how to play (It helped that we were winning, of course)  We walked away early and slept peacefully that night.

These pictures represent Whitney and Courtney's FIRST time eating at an Inn-N-Out Burger.  I had googled their locations in Vegas and were disappointed that they were out of walking distance from the Strip.  Until.....we decided the get our nails done at a salon that required us taking a cab, that was also right down the street from the burger joint.  It was delicious, as juicy and greasy (yet fresh) burgers go.  And we were starving.  It was perfect.

These pictures are all from the restaurant we ate at the day we went to the salon (and got the recommendation for the restaurant) It's a Tapas restaurant and SO worth the cab ride...The pictures are dark/flashy because the restaurant was dimly lit.  We got a cool table that was low to the ground and got to sit on a couch/foot stool.  The food was delicious -- I ordered bacon wrapped stuffed dates and filet mignon, grilled shrimp and chorizo skewers.  Oh, and our Sangria was yummy as well. 
CUTE!  I love this picture.  This is in front of our hotel. 
Here is the shaky video of the Bellagio fountains.  It was our last night and we still hadn't made the loooong trek across the street to stand over the water to watch the fountain/music/lights display.  It was gorgeous.  And worth the wind and cold.
And I just had to add these pictures from my flight home (when I finally got a window seat!) Beautiful, huh?  Of course Tyler responded with, "This is what I see everyday".  Lucky guy.

I thought about taking a picture of the Chipotle I went out of my way to get after landing and getting my car in Oklahoma City, but I was so upset by getting LOST (on an unmarked interstate heading West to Amarillo instead of South to Lawton) and then finding a connecting highway that had no speed limit sign and then getting my FIRST speeding ticket on a road that I wasn't even supposed to be on.  The worst way to end a fabulous weekend  There goes all the money I won gambling. :( 

However...good news in on the horizon.  I PASSED my final test to becoming a Certified Teacher in the state of Texas-wahoooooo!!  I believe now my "folder" just has to go through the board (or something) It's all very unclear to me, and gets me even more frustrated with my certification company.  Oh well. I still passed. Maybe we should celebrate by going to a concert tomorrow night at a local pub....Maybe that was already planned, but now we have an even better excuse!

I am also looking forward to breakfast at Cracker Barrel (they have THE BEST breakfast) with the Bible study gals to (sadly) say goodbye to yet another lady who is moving on.  I'm really going to miss Char-she and her husband attended the same church and Sunday school that Tyler and I have been going to.  It's been so much fun getting to know them.

We've got Tyler's solo and naming party on Saturday night (where the wives were almost not invited but thanks to a change in heart by the men folk, we get to attend...and be strict observers.  But I'm also making food for it, so at least I've got that going for me.)  Should be another fun and busy weekend!

Hope you all have a great weekend-thanks for stopping by!


Holly Stavness said...

so many updates! it looks like you had a great time! thanks for the pictures. i love seeing your life over here from california! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pics, I´ll get mine up soon! And congrats again on passing your test!!! Don´t get too frustrated, though, cuz you´ll just have to do it all over again each and every time you move. It´s really not awesome. (But worth it)

Jessica said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I had my first in-and-out a few months ago now that they're open here in DFW-- OMG I love it! So delicious!