05 June 2012

easy living

I thought about typing up a great blog post but due to my sliced-open thumb, I am unable to type worth a hoot.  So in true "me" style, you'll have to settle for a post chock full 'o pictures.  But they're great pictures, from my trip home to Minnesota, so I hope you'll enjoy them.  (there's a lot.  and a few videos.  So many that I waited 10 minutes, took Ada for a long walk and then sat here for another 20-30 minutes waiting for them all to finally load.  But it was worth the wait.) 

First stop after Maria picked me up from the airport.  Literally within minutes from landing I was sipping a caramel macchiato and was transported back to my simpler college days.  Sigh.  But it was fabulous catching up with both Maria and Sara.   
This is on the walk to the Twins game.  ah...Minneapolis...
Little Brother at the Twins game!
They lost (10-6) but I was too busy taking pictures and enjoying the general splendor of a chilly night, Target field, and my loves, the Twinkies. 
 Maria (isn't she beautiful?) was a great hostess, as usual, and entertainer for a day and two nights. 
Jen and Ben enjoyed a little baseball too (and clued me in on the best kept secret EVER--they allow FOOD into Target Field!!  As long as it fits under your seat in the stadium, you can bring it in! Amazing!  So thanks for the popcorn, J&B)
Yes, the yellow pole coming out of Jenilee's shoulder is the foul line in the outfield, aka, nosebleeds.  But it's all worth it, trust me.
And don't forget about the Friday night fireworks (singing compliments of Maria and a little bit me, until I thought better of the idea and kept my vocal chords silent)
Benson Great Hall, Bethel University, St. Paul Minnesota.  Cari Jo's college graduation (wahoo!!)  (and also where I graduated a whopping 4 years earlier, yikes!) 
And the video of her not tripping as she shakes Mr. President's hand.  
And apparently the blur is Miss Hohncke sprinting for the back door.  
Sisters.  This isn't a good picture because Cari decided to graduate with a degree whose graduation ceremony was at 9am.  And in this picture, we were still hoping for coffee and muffins (which were at the table behind us)
And she did it!!  We are so proud of you, Cari Jo!  
I just had to take a picture of Cari opening her grad gift from Mom and Dad.  The reason why this is funny is because for mine and Jenilee's college graduation, we both got cars (wahoooo!!) (although mine didn't make it through the summer) and Cari told everyone how excited she was to get her college graduation car.  Ha.  It's a cute video.  
Ethan's ceremony was after Cari's so not all of us were able to watch him walk or give his speech (he was selected as the graduating student speaker--cool, huh?!) but it was fun celebrating for the afternoon. 

Fast forward to the lake. 
Sweet Emme (and all the Berge kids) sure love their fishing-and the fishies were biting on Sunday!  It was fun to watch/hear them catch fish after fish. (and they fed us all supper!)
Seany Pat sat by me for a minute to tell me he no longer plays Angry Birds, so he won't need to borrow my phone anymore.  later in the day I heard him ask his dad if it was time yet and his dad nodded, so he walked over to me and said matter-of-factly that he thinks he's ready to start playing again.  
Sean and Emersyn loooooove Gator rides with grandpa.
My cute cousins who are getting more and more fun to be around every time I see them (I didn't think it was possible!)
I couldn't help but pull out my instagram app and have fun with a few serene shots.  
A storm never came, but it was perfectly cool the whole day.
Little Boston is getting so big!  
And this is to prove that I put my time in working (I also helped put the dock in but I'm glad no one got a picture of me falling hard on my rear end)
Such a sweet girl.  And a sweet talker. ;)
He loved me holding him, until he figured out I wasn't mom.
Grandma decided that if she didn't start fileting the fish herself, we might never have eaten!  I love this picture, too.  If you can't tell, I was the annoying one snapping photos all weekend.
Yummy fresh fish! 
And the catch of the day goes to Andrew!  Actually to Julia and Brooklyn who reeled this guy in and netted him while we were all up in the cabin thinking his line caught a tire.  The best two in this picture are Emme and Sean, for sure.  
Someone had to do it...put the weed roller in, that is.  Not wear that wet suit. Ever. Again.  
Only in Minnesota...
This is what shopping til you drop looks like.  
Andrew took us to the Guthrie (orchestra hall), which is open to the public, and we had fun exploring the great sights of Minneapolis
And here we are.  And me with my eyes closed.  
From the 9th floor.  
So long, city livin'!
THIS was hilarious!  I flipped through the SkyMall magazine on my flight and loved the crazy things people come up with to sell.  Or as I call it, J-U-N-K and stuff the movers would never touch. 

My trip was such a blast-I wish Tyler would have been able to join me-but next time!  I miss my family and Minnesota a lot, but it is so good to be back here with my sweet husband who actually admitted to needing me (who doesn't like to hear that?!)  Thanks for checking in! 

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What a fun trip!! I am so glad that you got to spend all that time with your family =)