06 December 2012

why my husband is the best

No...this will not be a mushy gushy post about why my husband is the best (even though he actually is, you know) but he is truly the best because two nights ago, while I was sitting downstairs on the computer and he was sitting upstairs on the computer (flashback to ALL of UPT), he emailed me this video and it was awesome.  But please forgive Mariah. She's going to wait until after the holidays to fire her stylist.

We love Jimmy Fallon and his many musical endeavors. If only we stayed up until 11:35 every weeknight to watch him, or had DVR and the time to watch him at some other time. If only.

Also, after living with nothing but a clutch (you, know, the purse that you "clutch" because there are no straps) in the form of a handbag for 3 years, I bought a bag. It's not huge, but it has shoulder straps and compartments. And the first thing I did was run around the house and look for things to put in it. I came up with very little, as I am used to living with only 4-5 things in my clutch that I absolutely need: keys, phone, little wallet thing (target) with cards/cash, and a lip gloss.  What else does one really need? So far, I'm up to a travel-sized thing of tissues, more lip gloss, and a pair of sunglasses that is sure to break.  The "bag"/purse is a "Baggallini" and I can definitely see where this brand will be a problem for me. My sister has one and while she and my mom and I were shopping at The Market back home (cutest store ever and that town's biggest asset) we saw them for sale for market value (anywhere from $80-200) I asked Cari if that's how much she paid (very calmly, trust me) and she said she found it for $20 at Marshall's! Obviously I went to TJ Maxx in Wichita Falls immediately and searched for myself and sure enough...found one! Cari's is a cross-body, mine has shoulder straps. The nylon fabric is very durable (and doesn't sound like nylon) and has so many compartments! I know I shouldn't be making such a big deal about a purse but after feeling so comfortable and breezy with just my clutch, this purse really is a huge deal. Oh, and I got mine on clearance for $15.

Oh! I went to my first Cowboys game on Sunday! My friend, Misty, got two VIP tickets that included a coach bus down to Arlington and back, a free night in a Hilton Garden Inn, a tailgate party with Bill Bates (I had to Wiki him, but he played in the '80's and '90's and won 3 Superbowls) and tickets (obv). Misty and I were so excited about this game, if nothing else than to see the inside of Cowboys Stadium (which was beautiful, by the way). In case our deal wasn't good enough, Misty sweet talked her way into getting us tickets to a SUITE, which we were starstruck over. Of course, the people in the suite were all there because they were clients of the businessman we met but we minded our manners and didn't get in the way. The game was pretty amazing and the treatment in the suite was pretty stellar as well.

 Yay Cowboys! (okay, I'll never say that again)

Thanks for checking in-we're excited about a fun weekend but know it will be over soon. Next week Tyler leaves to go TDY (again) until March. Thankfully, I'll see him for Christmas in a few weeks but it's going to be sad to live by myself for so long when he is just a couple states away.

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Courtney said...

You are adorable, love that you got such star treatment at the game! Super cute purse, too. Jealous of how light yours is, mine is weighted down with snacks and tums =)