23 July 2013

minnesota summer '13

Seems like I have been able to go home to Minnesota once a summer since moving away five years ago. the short one or two week trips is never long enough, as summer is what Minnesota does best. I have yet to feel like I am sick of the family lake cabin (although this time, 3 nights and 4 days got me pretty close) and have never had the chance to introduce my husband to the great Minnesota get-together (tear*). I am still so thankful to be able to go home, and thankful for the occasions that bring me there (this year, my baby sister's wedding!)

Enjoy the pictures...

this is the view from Cari and Ethan's new condo in downtown St. Paul..not too shabby, eh?
a trip is not complete without seeing Maria...
or the sisters (obv)...
and sara!
and of course, a twins game
we had a fun time at the bachelorette party!
andrew's girlfriend, Taylor...isn't she adorable? 
Cari had a shower at the chuch

a minnesota 4th of july
complete with fishing
and braiding hair
with the best view
Sean was a little excited about the fireworks
we got to visit our cousins on my dad's side-the last time I saw Harvey he was a teeny tiny newborn
manis/pedis for the wedding!

the sweet flower girl did so well! (she was just a little bug during our wedding)
the weather was perfectly chilly for the beautiful outdoor reception at the golf course

also...I had to take a picture of my ticket-Seat 1A (even though Tyler was in 26F)...although I will say that it wasn't very relaxing and I was freezing the whole flight. oh well.
Zorbaz is always a favorite when we go home. the pontoon on the top of the picture was the only boat parked but that's always fun-pulling your boat right up to their docks.
Amy, Roman and Maya all came from Phoenix to visit me for my birthday last week! It was a great, relaxing day and made turning 21 a little easier (wink, wink)

Also...raise your hand if you just teared up watching the first appearance of the new Royal Baby.  sigh. so precious. 

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Courtney said...

Yayyyy! So good to "hear" from you!! Looks like you had an amazing time with your family. Hope you are enjoying monsoon season and all the flooding, lightning, and adventure that comes with it =) Keep the posts coming!