18 March 2014

as seen around Korea

This past week was a blur-I talked to my husband for a total of 3 minutes and saw him even less. While he was busy flying and going through qualification, I was busy baking for the F-16 maintainers, going to fun squadron events, and starting the process of getting a visa so I can teach English over here. Whew!

Here are a few photo-worthy moments from this past week...

It was raining for one of the fini flights last week, so we were all tucked in a hangar, which turned out to be the same one belonging to the jet that had just gotten back. It was funny watching all the guys push the plane back into it's home. (a fini flight is the last flight someone flies in the jet at that current base, or sometimes ever. whoever can gather, does, and watches the pilot try to run away while climbing out the jet to avoid getting sprayed with water by his family)

It has been so fun being here at Osan with Nicki and her husband, Tim. They were just leaving Sheppard when we arrived, so we didn't get to know each too well. And as it goes in the Air Force, they are leaving in the next few months. But that's long enough to make some good memories, including purse shopping last week and our first "out on the town" squadron event.
If you find the damage to this area of the car, you win!! But seriously...Tyler got out of a very tight parking spot cleanly (or so we and our friend, who was spotting, thought) and as we tried leaving, were bombarded with two Koreans trying to tell us we had hit and damaged the car. And by bombarded, I mean shoving and leaning in the car window to try and turn the key off. Before we knew it (well, 45 minutes later), we were surrounded by 8 Korean police officers, 4 cop cars and 1 ambulance (apparently the driver of the car Tyler "hit" had told them he was drinking and driving, so they were ready to carry him to the hospital...?) In all seriousness, we weren't sure what was going on - the frustration we felt at not being able to communicate with the police officers and the accuser (who would speak English at us and then, when spoken to, would say "I don't speak English") was something I hope to never repeat. In the end, between a security forces guy from an Army post on the phone and a nice English-speaking Korean who stopped by, we walked away $30 poorer and 2 hours of our lives wasted. 
 Let's play "spot the jet"...anyone? :)
Now? I was sitting at this light for a very long time and watched 6 F-16's come in for their landing. Glad I snapped a couple pictures. After telling this to Tyler, and doing some time calculations, we realized that I was probably taking a picture of him landing! Crazy!
This is another light I sit at for wayyyy too long, but I just thought I'd show you how Koreans sit in the middle of the intersection, waiting for the light to turn (or just waiting for a break in the traffic so they can run the red light) from my observations, scooters and taxis are except from all traffic laws.
As are little old men on motorized wheelchairs... (forgive the mustache sticker inside the car...)
This was taken at the cultural "Pumpkin Duck" restaurant, where we had a squadron event last weekend. Indeed, this is a slow-cooked duck inside a pumpkin. Served with Korean sides-kimchi, pickled jalapenos, steamed green leaves, and a mustard sauce. And yes, it was delicious, both the duck and pumpkin.
This was Tyler's birthday lunch at AK Plaza, a large shopping center in Pyeongtaek. It was very good, and where we came to the realization why Koreans are not usually overweight...their food is all really spicy, which makes you have to eat it slow, and when you eat really slow, you fill up faster. aha! From your personal dieticians, Tyler and Danielle. You're welcome.  
Bubble tea for dessert. 

Thanks for checking in!


Courtney said...

Taxis and scooters appear to be exempt from traffic rules here, as well. And anyone else who feels like it. *sigh*

Bryce said...

OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOSSHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That story about the "car accident" had me on pins and needles! yikes! At the end I was down right angry that you had to give them $30. That was probably what they had in mind the whole time, to rip off you guys, but after 2 hours, $30 is totally worth it! lol Love you and like I said last time, I am vicariously living through your fun and adventurous life. Miss you sweet friend!