03 March 2014

good eats...

Some of you probably understand that when you travel to foreign countries (or even to another part of the U.S.) a large portion of the travel experience is the food and how much you enjoy the taste/texture/atmosphere of what is supposed to give you energy. I am much pickier than my husband and have so far, had mixed feelings about the food in countries we've traveled. I will say, however, that this past weekend I had a delicious Korean meal and it has given me renewed hope that I will not most certainly enjoy the food here (although perhaps somewhat Americanized, since it was in the village right outside that base gate and about half of it's patrons were, in fact, Americans...) Alas, it was delicious. The kimchi was crunchy and had a good kick to it and the salad pictured below was one I could dream about. And this soup! The menu (in Korean and English, thankfully) said it was "mama's homemade Kimchi soup" and oh my word was it amazing! It came out literally boiling, and in a stone pot. We almost forgot about it and went about enjoying our salad, kimchi and other sides (and our beef and mushrooms) and our friends' company. Fortunately, when we were ready for the soup, it was the perfect temperature. The kimchi was tangy and spicy and I was very thankful that it cleared my stuffy nose.

Even though it was pretty cold outside, we thought the perfect ending to our double date night would be a McDonald's ice cream treat. 
I'm going to head to Seoul again tomorrow to have lunch with a few other Noonday sisters. I can't wait to talk about the new spring line and gush about our favorites in person. :) I also can't wait to see more of Seoul!

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Tera said...

So jealous of that meal! I loved the food in Korea! The cucumber and radish kimshi were my favorites. Hope you're enjoying your time there and have fun in Seoul tomorrow :) so awesome you've found other noonday ladies there!