17 October 2008

waverly. my gorgeous sorority girl from NC...future roommate...what a gem... :)
the boys (kelly and mark) with their DIRTY mullets at the barn dance...and yummy cream soda...
roommates at the barn dance...minus brenda...she had a hockey game. LOL.

yep. that's third day in chapel. no big deal. :)

so it's a friday night and i'm exhausted...i didn't have the energy to get all dolled up for the barn dance so i braided my mane and threw on a bandana. there were some pretty classy outfits, though. tons of fun. we were supposed to bring a dessert so callie and i thought no-bake cookies (haystacks...YUM) would be easy-enough for two girls who can't cook...WRONG. they are many piles of oatmeal, peanut-buttery GOO on cookie sheets. dang.

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meghan said...

are you waiting for someone to comment before you make your next post? well, here it is.

cute pics. looks like fun.