15 October 2008

okay...danielle looks like a creep in this picture, but ashlie is the one on the right and amanda is down in front...future roommies...? wave-a-flav...or waverly to the non-creative person...another future roommie...? this is at the italian restaurant, zino's...where rae baby and tim and i enjoyed a 9PM supper a couple weeks ago. very good italian.
holly and i at the root beer kegger. (which, at the chanting of the 80 guests, I did a rather impressive root beer that okay...?)

peace, baby. too bad the air force team sucks. :(

okay, these are all repeat fbook pics but whatever. :) in other news, i finished all my work for my internship in the first of three hours here. fab. now what...? feminism: mystique or mistake? is begging me to read it. blogging is good for blabbers. did you know it's Billy Graham's 90th birthday on Nov. 7th and if you want, you can send him a message on how his ministry impacted you. cool, eh? go to: to read my story about it. :) it should be up tomorrow...? and third day is singing to us in chapel on friday. sweet. i need ideas for a crazy barn dance outfit-- a $25 gift certificate is on the line here.


meghan said...

super interesting fact about feminism: early feminists were PRO LIFE!!!! where and why did things get so messed up??

Anonymous said...

ba da da da da
I'm lovin' it.