09 October 2009

It's Complicated...

I refuse to have a blog about my daily life happenings. Who wants to read, "And then I ate this but only because I burned this on the stove...and then I sat on the couch to watch TV but ended up watching a movie..." Even if people take joy out of reading those tedious recaps, I certainly would bore myself trying to write with a play-by-play goal in mind.

I also refuse to neglect my journal of deep thoughts and instead update my blog with those thoughts.

See? It really is complicated.

So what is a blog supposed to be about? what do people "blog" about? In school I had blogging assignments...which explains the blog about technology and flight attendants. I do check out others' blogs about kids, cooking, and photography. I have no kids, I typically burn hot water, and I lost my camera months ago so I can excluded myself from those possibilities. I am madly in love with the man of dreams I didn't know I had and could easily write for hours and pages about him, but that could be what my journal is for...You may be thinking that I live a pathetic existence, with nothing to write or speak of but I beg to argue the opposite. Which should I choose? I guess I'll think and get back to you.

In the meantime, Tyler and I are planning a New Year's Eve wedding in the frigid North, and a 7-day H-moon in the tropical Cayman Islands. People urge me to enjoy this time of being engaged and to have fun planning the wedding. I hate to be a downer but while I'm engaged, my fiance lives 900 miles from me. And while I'm planning the wedding, my family and loved ones live another 800 miles in the opposite direction. It's all hard. A 4-month engagement is just fine. Maybe even too long. So please, stay tuned for a blog to blow your mind.

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