11 January 2010

Day #1

So here it is.

At the urging of women wiser than many, I am picking up the common hobby of "blogging". Today is the first day of my life as a housewife. I am happily married and relocated to the big state and city of Houston, Texas. As I look around our spacious two-bedroom apartment (we will be moving to a smaller apartment in a couple of months...), there is much to be done. Cleaning, unpacking and laundry are at the top of list. Definitely an entire day's worth of activities. But I am instead just enjoying the morning and my fourth cup of coffee.

I am unashamedly admitting that one of the best parts of being married is that the wedding is over. I am so glad planning my wedding is something I will only do once. The best part was seeing all of the people we love most. The week in Grand Cayman was wonderful. It wasn't the best "Tropical Island" weather, but still a good vacation. I am excited to post pictures.

Okay! I think my relaxing is coming to an end. The coffee is working and I'm feeling antsy to get started. If anyone has ANY ideas for a dummy-proof supper for my husband tonight (or any night!), I'm currently taking/needing suggestions. Love.


meghan said...

i've loosely titled my dinner tonight "mexican surprise". this limited ingredient menu- due to a lack of grocery shopping- consisted of throwing anything remotely mexican into a fry pan- so far we've got ground beef, corn, black beans and assorted spices. i'll let ya know, but probably don't take too much meal planning advice from me!!

S.E.E.YAH said...

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