13 January 2010

Day #3

Well if we weren't mooching our internet from unreliable sources, I would have had time yesterday to tell of my ventures. Yesterday I made coffee cake for breakfast this morning, white cake and buttercream frosting from scratch and had supper ready for my husband when he walked in the door. All of this was accomplished with limited baking resources, as well as no spatula, washcloth (or paper towels), or knife. (There is a bread knife in the drawer that has had better days...) I also stepped outside the apartment for the first time in about 36 hours (Monday I was left with no key..) and took out the trash, got the mail and found the office to pick up yet another wedding present....That was yesterday.

Today. I drove husband to work so I could have the car, maaaybe took a little nap...and so far have only uploaded honeymoon pictures to facebook. I wandered back down to the office/lobby for their WiFi which is where I am still. I ordered pots and pans on Monday and am finding it very hard to be creative with cooking w/o anything that goes on the stove. Brats for supper sound good tonight. Oh! We went searching for a TV last night and might have stumbled across a great deal on a dining room table with 6 chairs too! (Gotta love Sam's Club!) I'll keep you updated. I love decorating and making our apartment look like a home, but it's pretty expensive. I can be patient. I suppose I should start looking for a job soon. Okay! Toodles!


S.E.E.YAH said...

check out and

meghan said...

job schmob. you will be way too busy decorating and then posting pics of your apartment for a job. and shopping for boots- seriously, texas won't be texas without the boots.