09 June 2010

the best is yet to come

I have news.

I am changing jobs.
My current job, doing HR with a pool company, would have concluded with the summer season sometime in September. I was planning on seeing it through and had every intentions of making it a good summer and a good learning experience. However, I received word from the youth pastor at our church that they were looking to hire a secretary and that if I was interested, the pastor would contact me. The hours are way less but the pay is enough to make up for the missed time. Tyler and I thought about it and although we both got excited at the possibility, we decided to wait until hearing from the pastor. The day we left for MN in the car, I met with the pastor and business director... (pictures to come from home!!!!) after spending the first couple hours in the car thinking about a decision, we decided to accept the job at church. Here are some reasons (since you're all dying to hear the juicy details)

Although I knew I'd be working weekends in the summer, in the interview they made it sound as if I'd be getting days off in the week when I worked a full weekend. Didn't happen. Another thing: Don't ask me the technicalities, but although I am paid hourly and working more than 40 hours/wk (more like 50-55), this company is exempt from paying summer employees overtime. I also work 8-9 straight hours with no lunch break, or any break. Sure, I eat. But at my desk. While answering the phone. When I interviewed, they said they would be hiring three more people besides me--two more to do HR (simply because there is enough work for 5 people to be doing) and 1 more for answering phones/receptionist. Three weeks ago, the receptionist started working and there are still no more HR people. 2 people doing the work of 5. With no breaks and 55 hours/wk. No wonder why I'm exhausted.

Speaking of being exhausted...I simply have not had the time nor the energy to do the things as a wife I think are expected of me and things that I would love to do. So the apartment gets cleaned in bits and pieces. The groceries get picked up when we remember. I cook new things when I'm energetic enough to feel creative. I've written no letters, which I sorely miss. We heard from a friend a while ago that if you're not happy with what you're doing, change it! And if you have the chance to change it, take it! That's exactly what we're doing.

And since I won't be working weekends, we've been busy making fun plans for July 4th, Labor day and even a time for a trip to San Antonio. And the best part of it all is that I'm done job searching! I'll have this job until we leave next May and I couldn't be happier.

Until later! Stay tuned soon for pictures from the great North.


Amanda G. said...

Dan that's so great!!! I'm so excited for you!
so now you probably have time for a phone date with me right? :)

Leanna said...

Dan, I love reading your updates. Thank you for keeping us "posted" about your transitions and adjustments to married life. We miss you here in the Springs, and I'm the lucky lady who gets to take over your room :)

Tanya said...

that sounds amazing! i am so happy for you!! :)