21 June 2010

an update in pictures...

Oh my...where do I even start? There's been a lot of stuff happening here in Houston and fortunately, I've been able to capture most of it with the camera...

Let's go back to sometime in May when Tyler and I went to an Astros game with our friends, Nat and Shannon...

Nat is the Assistant/Youth Pastor at church so Tyler and I are thankful to spend so much time with this couple and their two adorable children Graham and Kate (shown later) at both youth group and non-youth group events. :)

Now we'll fast forward to our trip home to Minnesota for Andrew's grad and Bre's wedding!

Little Brother did it! Graduated with honors and we were so glad to be there for it!

I also loved hanging out with these two for a little bit during the party...NYC 2011? (Please?)

BreAnne and her now-husband, Josh, at the rehearsal dinner. I was so mean to get a picture of them while they both had their mouths full, but it's the only shot I got of them so here it is... :)

Hahaha i couldn't resist this as well...isn't she beautiful?! Sorry, that's where my picture-taking at the wedding stopped so you don't actually get to see the finished product (which was really quite stunning, Bre made a gorgeous bride)...maybe my mom will send me some of her pictures, but don't hold your breath. :)

We also got to spend a couple of days up at the lake where I grew up... This place has so many memories and it's one of the things I miss most about home...Tyler and I were able to be there for Memorial Day, the day grandpa opens it for the summer each year. This is definitely staying on our list of vacation possibilities and we can't wait for next time!

Patrick coming to a stop after a quick slalom trip...beautiful, huh?

Youth group last week included destroying two of the three old couches as we made room for the new couches. There were two axes and many high schoolers and surprisingly, no injuries. Shannon and I sat back and "observed calmly"...

like I told you earlier...adorable. Graham is 3 years old and Kate is 1. They usually come to some of youth group every week and I love hanging out with them!

Again...couches, teenagers and axes...

Now we can hop right over to last weekend, when we went on a retreat with the youth group...the camp reminded me a lot about Inspiration Point, where I grew up attending, but it also had many differences (like the man-made lake, huge pool with diving boards and two blobs)

This is Mina and Molly, two of the four/five girls in the entire youth group. We all have tons of fun together and I'm getting excited about planning a girl's night sometime this summer with Shannon.

I thought this picture was good simply because while I thought I had enough room to get the blob and the kid in the picture, he got blobbed by Tyler waaaaay higher than I was anticipating. So here we have his legs.

And here is my husband, the pitcher, on his slow-pitch men's church softball league. There are only two more games left but it's been fun to go and watch and cheer him and Tim on.

Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up. We've been busy but having a blast. Summertime is marvelous and I'm so thankful for all God has given us so we can enjoy our time together with few worries. We're looking forward to Austin coming out for a visit at the end of the summer and perhaps Jenilee as well. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your summer is going just as grand!!

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Brittany said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Glad you had a good time in Minnesota! Hope the rest of your summer is just as wonderful!