24 August 2010

forgot it. again.


oh well.

i haven't had a diet coke since maybe saturday. can't remember, actually. i'm not addicted. i can easily forget about it, i just love carbonation. for a while in college i drank sparkling water. i didn't even mind the huge lack of flavor. i guess up until now, i forgot about that as well. hmm...

my husband is competing in his first triathalon this saturday. i have absolutely no desire to ever train or participate in such a race, but i am excited to be awake at 4:30am to watch him.  and i'm not sure, but maybe...just maybe, i'm ready for his hours of dedicated training to finally be worth it.  and over.  :)

i can't remember the last time i dyed my hair.  early spring, perhaps.  partly out of laziness.  and partly out of curiosity to see my natural hair color, which has been hidden for years.  but now, i look in the mirror and see wet hair.  dirty hair.  hair with dull, drab, boring brown roots.  my natural color shining right through.  gross.  as soon as we're done going to the beach, it's back to the box dye. 

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Good luck to your hubs!

Gotta post a picture of the dye job!

p.s. LOVE the haircut!