23 April 2012

in photos

since I can't seem to find the words with which to update you...
these veggies...
 roasted on a cookie sheet at high temperature for a long while
tossed in a blender and slopped in a bowl
 makes delicious salsa!  "salsa roja", to be exact. 
mashed sweet potatoes and cannelloni beans covered in breadcrumbs, sauteed and placed between a bun and toppings did not make for a delicious supper, unfortunately.  something about the mushiness of the veggie patty.  my next veggie burger attempt will be a spicy black bean burger.  we'll see.
 i love this man in this old boat on that dirty water, even with that disgusting mustache (don't tell him I said that)
and this puppy, even though today on our walk she rolled all over and on and around a dead bird.  so she got a bath. and has been depressed, moody and emotional ever since.  I've never seen anything like it.
these friends.  and that dirty mustache water again.  like.
and this is where you anchor your boat in texas.  at an old oil derrick.  yessir.
and this is where you eat after you've watched the sunset on the water.  
and this is what the grossest mustache ever looks like.  way too close up.
and this is my dad in the T-6 simulator, concentrating hard.
 and this is what it looks like when my dad crashes the T-6 simulator.  a sideways runway.
and this is my mom freaking out in the sim.  
and that is what we've been up to.  I am a woman of many words tonight.  You're welcome. 

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Hey, want to come over and cook for me??
Also, that IS a gross mustache. Sorry, Tyler.