07 May 2012


Ever take a minute and think back to what your life looked like last year? 
The year before that? 

It's surreal to imagine that just one year ago Tyler and I were on Ko Phi Phi in southern Thailand, with just a backpack each and no plan or thought to what the next day might bring.  We enjoyed (nearly) free travel, luxury living (including an amazing Thai massage that I still dream about), and didn't even come close to strangling our travel mate. And while the thought of Thai food still makes me shudder, the experience still leaves me speechless.

This time two years ago I was working for that awful pool company in Southwest Houston.  Yuck.  

This time three years ago, I had been "officially" dating my love, Tyler, for about month.  Tyler also graduated from the Academy in May and the festivities included parades, a fancy commissioning ceremony and ball, and the chance to meet my (future) in-laws for the first time. We also took a fun trip to Rapid City to further celebrate Ty's graduation and I saw the finer side of South Dakota that a gal from Minnesota doesn't usually appreciate.

May also marks the month I graduated from Bethel University, and have now officially been out of college longer than I was in.  While I enrolled in Bethel in the class of 2009, I was able to graduate a year early and left a part of the class of 2008.  May 2008 was a big month/year for my family, as my older sister and cousin both graduated from college (Timmy the first week in May, Jenilee the third and me the 4th) and Cari Jo and my cousin Patrick both graduated from high school.  

This month also marks the 7th year I've been out of high school (yikes!) and I can still remember the great Mexican Fiesta we threw for my graduation open house.  (cue the oversized sombrero)

Thanks for enjoying my "Maymories" with me.  What would your last few years of memories include?  The most memorable memories about these life-changing events aren't the events at all, but the people I shared them with, and I'm looking forward to many more!  Next May we could be gearing up to move or even have lived in our new home for a while, wherever that may be. Have a great week!   

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Courtney said...

What a fun post! We have a lot of similiar "maymories," especially 09! Also, I am jealous of how you always look adorable in photos!